Replacement Parts and Accessories

Part #Price
6" Wing Set (1-6" RH Wing + 1-6" LH Wing)200-5010$149.99
Sale: $99
12" Wing Set (1-12" RH Wing + 1-12" LH Wing)300-1012$199.99
ATV Universal Hitch 3/4″300-1004$79.99
UTV Universal Hitch 1″300-1005$89.99
SNO-MASTER Rear Hitch300-1006$99.99
Snow Groomer hitch couplers6″ Standard Pin Coupler w/ Detent Pin300-1060$59.99
Ring type Pintle Hook6″ Ring Coupler300-1061$49.99
6″ Standard Pin Coupler – 3″ Offset w/ Detent Pin300-1062$89.99
6″ Ring Coupler – 3″ Offset300-1063$79.99
6″ Standard Pin Coupler – 5″ Offset w/ Detent Pin300-1064$109.99
6″ Ring Coupler w/ 5″ Offset300-1065$99.99
small classic track layer]DeTRAKOR100-6040$650.00
DeTRAKOR Pan300-2050$349.99
36″ DeTRAKOR Comb300-2051$119.99
DeTRAKOR Lifting Handle w/Vinyl Grip300-2052$49.99
DeTRAKOR Brackets (Set of 2 – 1-RH, 1-LH)300-2053$69.99
DeTRAKOR Cutter Set (Set of 2 – 1-RH, 1-LH)300-2054$19.99
DeTRAKOR Locking Pin and Bracket300-2055$49.99
20″ Urethane Comb300-2004$99.99
SNO-BLASTER Sled Skin300-2005$29.99
20″ Chassis Bow Cover300-2006$29.99
20″ Chassis Weight Cover (w/ 2-15″ Rubber Straps)300-2007$39.99
20″ Chassis Lower Weight Cushion300-2008$19.99
20″ Chassis Side Weight Cushion (Set of 2)300-2009$9.99
20″ Chassis End Weight Cushion300-2010$10.99
TRAKOR Track Mold (Set of 2)300-2029$199.99
TRAKOR Sled Skin300-2030$39.99
TRAKOR Lower Weight Cushion300-2031$29.99
24″ Urethane Comb (SM48 Set of 2)300-5004-4$279.99
24″ Urethane Comb (SM72 Set of 3)300-5004-7$449.99
SM48 Weight/Bow Cover Set (1 Left, 1 Right)300-5005$49.99
SM72 Weight/Bow Cover Set (1 Left, 1 Right, 1 Center)300-5006$69.99
36″ Deflector PC/ABS Panel300-6007$59.99
48″ Deflector PC/ABS Panels (Set of 2-24″)300-6008$99.99
72″ Deflector PC/ABS Panels (Set of 2-36″)300-6009$149.99
20″ Drawbar Spreader300-1020$99.99
Sale: $50.00
SNO-BLASTER 33 Drawbar (RH and LH)300-2001$489.99
SNO-BLASTER Upper Hitch Plate300-2002$39.99
SNO-BLASTER Lower Hitch Plate300-2003$85.99
STANDARD 44 Drawbar300-2024$199.99
PATH-MASTER Drawbar (RH and LH)300-2025$489.99
20″ Hitch Plate Assembly300-2026$79.99
LOPPET 60 Drawbar (RH and LH)300-2028$489.99
SM48 Drawbars (LH and RH)300-4801$579.99
SM48 Hitch Plate Assembly300-4802$89.99
36″ Deflector Bracket300-6004$159.99
SM48 Sub-Frame300-6005$399.99
SM72 Sub-Frame300-6006$599.99
SM72 Drawbars (LH and RH)300-7201$589.99
SM72 Hitch Plate Assembly300-7202$119.99
.125 Hitch Pin Set (Set of 2)300-1001$3.99
.093 Hitch Pin (Set of 2)300-1002$2.99
3/8" Orange Handle Detent Pin300-1003$14.99
TRAKOR Stainless Steel Cutters (Set of 2 – RH & LH)300-2032$59.99
SNO-MASTER Tracking Runner Set (Set of 2 Stainless Steel)300-5001$54.99
SNO-MASTER Pan Link Adjustment w/Spacer (Set of 2)300-5002$49.99
Thumb Screws (Set of 3 10-32)300-5003-1$4.99
Thumb Screws (Set of 3 1/4-20)300-5003-2$7.99
SNO-BLASTER Pan300-2011$239.99
Plow Stainless Steel Shears (Set of 2)300-2012$69.99
Plow Shovel (LH) w/ Shear300-2013$149.99
Plow Shovel (RH) w/ Shear300-2014$149.99
Shear Nose Guard300-2015$19.99
SNO-BLASTER Front Link w/ Hardware300-2016$59.99
SNO-BLASTER Rear Link w/ Hardware300-2017$39.99
SNO-BLASTER Lifting Link w/ Hardware300-2018$29.99
SNO-BLASTER Lift Tower Assembly w/ Mounting Hardware300-2019$279.99
SNO-BLASTER Cross Tube300-2020$109.99
Link Clevis & Hitch Pin Set (Set of 2)300-2021$12.99
Plow Shovels w/ Stainless Steel Shears (Set of 2) and Nose Guard300-2022$349.99
Tow Bar Short Tube300-5011$49.99
48 Tow Bar Tube300-5012$119.99
72 Tow Bar Tube300-5013$149.99
Tow Bar Bracket300-5014$99.99
Tow Bar Hitch300-5015$99.99
SNO-MASTER 48″ Wheel Kit300-4803$699.99
18″ Lifting Handle w/ Rubber Grip300-4804$64.99
Wheel Kit Mounting Bracket (Set of 2)300-5008$39.99
10″ Tubed Wheel300-5009$19.99
Wheel Kit Locking Pin300-5010$19.99
SNO-MASTER 72 Wheel Kit300-7203$799.99
24″ Lifting Handle w/ Rubber Grip300-7204$79.99
36″ Cutter Assembly300-6001$679.99
48″ Cutter Assembly300-6002$779.99
72″ Cutter Assembly300-6003$979.99
36" SNO-RAZOR w/ Deflector & Bracket100-3010$1,400.00
48" SNO-RAZOR w/ Deflector & Sub-Frame100-3020$1,800.00
72″ SNO-RAZOR w/Deflector100-3030$1,750.00
SNO-RAZOR 36/48 Cross Tube300-6010$139.99
SNO-RAZOR 72 Cross Tube300-6011$179.99
SNO-RAZOR 36/48 Pivot Plate (Right)300-6012$79.99
SNO-RAZOR 36/48 Pivot Plate (Left)300-6013$79.99
SNO-RAZOR 36/48 Shear Bolts/Nuts (Set of 2)300-6014$4.99
SNO-RAZOR 72 Pivot Plate (Right)300-6015$109.99
SNO-RAZOR 72 Pivot Plate (Left)300-6016$109.99
SNO-RAZOR 72 Shear Bolts/Nuts (Set of 2)300-6017$5.99
SNO-RAZOR 36/48 Leg300-6018$79.99
SNO-RAZOR 72 Leg300-6019$189.99
SNO-RAZOR Fluted Handle Locking Screw300-6020$19.99
Magnetic Base Angle Indicator300-6021$9.99