sno-blaster, snow groomer for fat bike trails
small groomer that removes excess snow and leaves a packed corduroy trail to fat bike, walk or snowmobile on..


The SNO-BLASTER 33 Fat Bike groomer features a patented 33” (838mm) wide V-Plow that floats on a compacted trail base or can be adjusted up to leave as much snow as desired. Plow snow to the right depth to enjoy Fat Bike riding.

How deep?

Developed primarily for Fat Bike trail grooming, it also clears snow from lake and outbuilding access trails in a hurry. Snow on slush-covered lakes can be cleared away, allowing the slush to freeze. The plow runner/ski moves the plow up and over hidden obstacles. The plow lift permits 5” of adjustment and allows the plow to be carried out of the snow when establishing a trail.

This Fat Bike trail groomer is extremely fun and easy to use.

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SNO-BLASTER® w/ V-Plow Assembly

sno-blaster narrow trail snow groomer



$4,500 USD

FREE Shipping to USA and Canada

snow blaster leaving classic cross country ski tracks.



$4,600 USD

FREE Shipping to USA and Canada

Narrow Trail Groomer Specifications

Grooming Width:
- without Wings 20" (508 mm) 20" (508 mm) 20" (508 mm)
- with 12" Standard Wings40" - 44" (1016 - 1118 mm)40" - 44" (1016 - 1118 mm)40" - 44" (1016 - 1118 mm)
Drawbar Length 60" (1524 mm) 60" (1524 mm) 60" (1524 mm)
Length - Overall 79" (2006 mm) 79" (2006 mm) 79" (2006 mm)
Height - Overall15" (381 mm)22" (559 mm)29" (737 mm)
Weight with 12" Wings:
- without Blocks71 lbs (32 kg)112 lbs (51 kg)140 lbs (64 kg)
- with 2 - 4" Blocks (72 lbs)*143 lbs (65 kg)184 lbs (84 kg)212 lbs (96 kg)
- with 2 - 6" Blocks (110 lbs)*181 lbs (82 kg)222 lbs (101 kg)250 lbs (114 kg)
V-Plow WidthXX33" (838 mm)
Height AdjustmentX5" (127mm)5" (127mm)
Chassis/Drawbar MaterialSteelSteelSteel
SNO-RAZOR/V-Plow MaterialSteelSteelSteel
HardwareStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Recommended Towing Machines:
- Snowmobile15" wide, long-track (136"+)15" wide, long-track (136"+)15" wide, long -track (136"+)
- ATV/UTVTrack EquippedTrack EquippedTrack Equipped
*Solid Concrete Blocks 8" x 16"

Specifications subject to change without notice.

SNO-BLASTER Replacement Parts & Accessories

Part #Price
6" Wing Set (1-6" RH Wing + 1-6" LH Wing)200-5010$200 USD
Sale: $100 USD
8″ Wing Set8″ Wing Set200-5020$200 USD
Sale: $100 USD
12" Wing Set (1-12" RH Wing + 1-12" LH Wing)300-1012$200 USD
ATV Universal Hitch 3/4″300-1004$80 USD
UTV Universal Hitch 1″300-1005$80 USD
SNO-MASTER Rear Hitch300-1006$100 USD
SLED Universal Hitch300-1015$160 USD
2″ Ball Adapter300-1075$20 USD
Snow Groomer hitch couplers6″ Standard Pin Coupler w/ Detent Pin300-1060$60 USD
Ring type Pintle Hook6″ Ring Coupler300-1061$50 USD
6″ Standard Pin Coupler – 3″ Offset w/ Detent Pin300-1062$100 USD
6″ Ring Coupler – 3″ Offset300-1063$90 USD
6″ Standard Pin Coupler – 5″ Offset w/ Detent Pin300-1064$110 USD
6″ Ring Coupler w/ 5″ Offset300-1065$100 USD
Shear Pin Upgrade Kit300-1080$10 USD
3/16″ Shear Pin w/ Wire Lock (Set of 2)300-1014$10 USD
20″ Urethane Comb300-2004$100 USD
SNO-BLASTER Sled Skin300-2005$40 USD
20″ Chassis Bow Cover300-2006$40 USD
20″ Chassis Weight Cover (w/ 2-15″ Rubber Straps)300-2007$40 USD
20″ Chassis Lower Weight Cushion300-2008$25 USD
20″ Chassis Side Weight Cushion (Set of 2)300-2009$5 USD
20″ Chassis End Weight Cushion300-2010$5 USD
20″ Drawbar Spreader300-1020$100 USD
Sale: $50 USD
LOPPET 60 Drawbar (RH and LH)300-2028$500 USD
SNO-BLASTER Upper Hitch Plate300-2002$40 USD
SNO-BLASTER Lower Hitch Plate300-2003$100 USD
STANDARD 44 Drawbar300-2024$300 USD
20″ Hitch Plate Assembly300-2026$80 USD
.125 Hitch Pin Set (Set of 2)300-1001$5 USD
.093 Hitch Pin (Set of 2)300-1002$5 USD
3/8" Orange Handle Detent Pin300-1003$15 USD
Thumb Screws (Set of 3 10-32)300-5003-1$8 USD
SNO-BLASTER Pan300-2011$500 USD
Plow Stainless Steel Shears (Set of 2)300-2012$200 USD
Plow Shovel (LH) w/ Shear300-2013$400 USD
Plow Shovel (RH) w/ Shear300-2014$400 USD
Shear Nose Guard300-2015$30 USD
SNO-BLASTER Front Link w/ Hardware300-2016$70 USD
SNO-BLASTER Rear Link w/ Hardware300-2017$50 USD
SNO-BLASTER Lifting Link w/ Hardware300-2018$40 USD
SNO-BLASTER Lift Tower Assembly w/ Mounting Hardware300-2019$250 USD
SNO-BLASTER Cross Tube300-2020$140 USD
Link Clevis & Hitch Pin Set (Set of 2)300-2021$7 USD
Plow Shovels w/ Stainless Steel Shears (Set of 2) and Nose Guard300-2022$800 USD
36″ SNO-RAZOR w/Deflector & Sub-Frame100-3010$1,400 USD
Magnetic Base Angle Indicator300-6021$10 USD

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Plow the snow to the right depth with the sno-blaster while compacting the snow that is left and having corduroy left as the trail is a dream trail for fat bikes.

We know of no other fat bike groomer that plows, cuts, compacts and leaves corduroy for those using your trail.

Snow Grooming for Fat Bike Trails

The sno-blaster was designed to solve the issues people have when snow grooming for fat bike trails. Some people use rollers to make snow trails for fat bikes. Rollers do not take out moguls left by snowmobiles. A roller is better than nothing and is often used when people have not yet heard about a sno-blaster. Taking out the whoops is key for fat bike trails. If you leave the whoops and just compact them the up and down will make you ride much slower. 

In deeper snow and especially in deep powder running a groomer or roller will have the snow falling back into the trail. The wings on the snow blaster can push back the powder that would fall into the trail.  It even leaves it at a reasonable angle and not a 45 degree which just lets the snow fall back in. Weet snow that falls back in and then freezes leaves frozen snowballs that become hazards on your fat bike trail. Even when you pick up the blade so you keep the snow. A picked up blade can still take out big drifts and not just pack them into speed bumps. 

When riding fat bike trails there can be ruts left by the bikes themselves. Especially when the trail is ridden when it is warm enough to be slushy. The blade can cut down and fill in the ruts.  A really rutted up trail from slush and then frozen is not a fun trail to ride on.

One more key thing is that you can regroom your trail with the blade up just enough to remove no snow. But it will remove the excess snow from places where snowmobiles cross your path, pushing snow into the trail and leaving good bumps or jumps.  Or where drifts are made just by blowing snow.

Being able to add weight into the pan of the sno-blaster can compact the snow to the right consistency.  The design of our fat bike groomer is extremely durable and it can take a beating over the years, take care of fat bike trail needs and leave nice smooth corduroy to ride on.