Mountain sled towing for snow grooming or many other things has been an oxymoron because you cannot hook up a snow groomer to your sled because you do not have a hitch.

Running your snowmobile in the powder can be so fun. The problem is sometimes you need to pull something.  Previous to now you had three options to pulling with your mountain sled.

skidoo Skandic grooming in 12" new powder. Laying classic cross country ski tracks.
skidoo Skandic grooming in 12″ new powder. Laying classic cross country ski tracks. snowmaster 48″ easily stays on top off the powder with no snow going over the top. Wheel kit to make it easy to load unload.

Previous Mountain Sled towing options.

#1. Use a rope or a chain.  Which is very dangerous.   Trust us on this one.  We tried it for years. Downhills your groomers catch up with you.  Or they slide off the trail and get caught on trees or go over a ledge.  Yeah not worth it.  To easy to trash your nice snowmobile and it is just not getting the correct job done.

#2. You had to buy a towing machine. If we have a Skandic and it tows groomers, ice fishing sleds, sledders, and many other things really well.  It has a built-in hitch and just hooking up and towing is what this machine is made for.  But if you really love your mountain sled to play on and that is what you mostly do. Then paying for a skandic or other work machine for only a small amount of use may not be a wise use of funds.

#3. Attach a hitch to your Mountain sled. That is scary because you might have to drill holes in your pan.  Or drill holes in the handle you grab onto to get unstuck.  We have done both and yeah not the greatest plan either.

With understanding all these bad options our customers needed a better option.  So we designed a hitch that fits almost every mountain sled or any sled that does not have a built-in hitch.  The hitch does not need you to drill holes anywhere on your sled.

We love riding and playing in the snow with these awesome machines.  But sometimes you just want to go ice fishing.  Sometimes you need to groom the trail to your cabin or make a sleigh-riding hill for the grandkids.  With the Universal Snowmobile hitch, you can put this hitch on just when you need it.  No real need to buy a workhorse machine for only 5% of the time usage.

This universal hitch is designed to fit any width handle to the hitch and does not slide side to side.  It is designed to fit rectangular or round handles you use to get unstuck.  It really does solve a problem that allows you to go ice fishing and pull your ice fishing sled but still have a real play sled.

We built this because so many of our customers want and need to groom a trail or a hill.  Or make a cross-country track.  But they want to have a super fun machine 90% of the time.  The Universal hitch allows you to put on a hitch and not weaken your machine but only when you want it. 

Key features of the Universal snowmobile hitch.

#1. Allows a pin coupler to be attached to your snowmobile that may not be built to pull.

#2. Is meant to not damage your machine while towing or attaching the hitch.

#3. Still lets you use your handle to get unstuck when needed.

#4. Is designed to that even when towing that the force is not straight back it will not slide side to side.

#5. Can be removed when you are not needing it.

#6. Truly can fit round or rectangular lift bars.

The universal snowmobile hitch has been tested on many different machines to verify it can fit.  We use it to pull our snow groomers mostly.  I need to make time to pull an ice fishing sled and go ice fishing of course.   I hope to do that this winter for sure.  I do not think my wife will think I am working through it.  If the ice fishing is slow then hitting the mountains around the lake I like to fish just sounds like a blast.  With this hitch, I will not be taking the Skandic to pull the sled.  I will take a mountain sled and go play for sure.

Mountain Snowmobile Snow Grooming is now more possible than ever.