Best Value snow groomer to be pulled behind your sno dog or snowmobile.

TrailBlazer XC

The TRAILBLAZER XC is an Ultra Lite Classic Ski trail maker. Was developed to make beautifully groomed classic trails for small ski clubs and people with trails right out their backdoor. It makes an ideal first groomer.  It should be less expensive to use and quicker to have than if you tried to build one yourself.  See this inexpensive snow groomer in action.

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Ultra Light-Weight TRAILBLAZER XC
Sled Includes

  1. 20″ HDPE & ABS Chassis
  2. Zinc Plated Track Cutter Set
  3. (2) Classic Track Setter
  4. 1″ Swivel Hitch
  5. Pin Coupler Ring Adapter
  6. 3/8″ Orange Handle Detent Pin
Trail blazing snow groomer for personal use. Best Value snow groomer

The ultra light economical TRAILBLAZER XC 20 is primarily a fresh snow/soft snow groomer. Also towed behind nearly all snow machines available to form perfect tracks in many snow conditions.  Super cost efficient.  Cost efficient Classic ski trail maker.



w/ 1″ Swivel Pin Coupler

w/ Pin Coupler Ring Adapter


$550 USD

-$50 Instant Bundle Savings

$500 USD

Primarily used in fresh snow and soft snow, the TRAILBLAZER XC helps you make perfect classic ski tracks in all snow conditions. Making ski tracks that are perfect is easier with a TRAILBLAZER XC.  Simple, rugged, light-weight and efficient snow groomer.

Locally purchased, solid cement blocks weight the sled for maximum compaction. Tested to hold up to 200 lbs (not that you will need that much weight) to offer you the flexibility to properly compact your trail for the best classic ski tracks.  We recommend adding 40 lbs of cement block.

TRAILBLAZER XC Specifications

Grooming Width:
- without Wings20" (508 mm)36" (914 mm)20" (508 mm)
- with 12" Standard Wings40" - 44" (1016 mm - 1118 mm)56" - 60" (1422 mm - 1524 mm)40" - 44" (1016 mm - 1118 mm)
Length - Overall60" (1524 mm)60" (1524 mm)
Height - Overall5" (127 mm)5" (127 mm)5" (127 mm)
- without Blocks25 lbs (11 kg)
- with 2 - 4" Blocks (72 lbs)*97 lbs (44 kg)
- with 2 - 6" Blocks (110 lbs)*135 lbs (61 kg)
Chassis/Drawbar MaterialHDPE & ABS / Steel AlloyHDPE & ABS / Steel AlloyHDPE & ABS / Steel Alloy
HardwareStainless Steel &
Zinc Chromate
Stainless Steel &
Zinc Chromate
Stainless Steel &
Zinc Chromate

Specifications subject to change without notice.


Replacement Parts & Accessories

Part #Price
TrailBlazer Cutter Plate300-1082$80 USD
TrailBlazer XC Cutter Set
(Set of 2 / 1-LH, 1-RH)t
300-1084$40 USD
ATV Universal Hitch 3/4″300-1004$80 USD
UTV Universal Hitch 1″300-1005$80 USD
TrailBlazer Swivel Coupler300-1070$30 USD
3/8" Orange Handle Detent Pin300-1003$15 USD
TrailBlazer Comb300-1086$100 USD
TrailBlazer XC Track Mold300-1088$40 USD (per Mold)

Specifications subject to change without notice.