Who We Are

I’m an entrepreneur-meets-snow-enthusiast from Northern Michigan. I built a rope tow in the ravine behind our house, creating a bunny hill for my toddlers to sled and ski on. As they got older and outgrew our modest hill, our winters were spent cross-country skiing and downhill racing. Winter playtime was just as much fun for me, as I took to the challenge of constructing better and better trails.

What We Created

I wanted to make great trails, in all conditions, right at home. I developed three low-resistance sleds that float on top of the snow, pulled right behind my own snowmobile at 12-15 MPH. Fresh powder can be compacted quickly, without the need of a separate roller implement. Hard packed snow and even slush is easily leveled and molded into corduroy or tracks.

Just like the idea was built in Northern Michigan, so is the product. The heavy gauge steel sleds, stainless steel hardware, and plastic/urethane components are all assembled in our trailside facility and built “the old fashioned way” to last a lifetime.

What Sets Us Apart

Conventional groomers (“drags”) require larger, more expensive towing machines that burn more fuel and have higher operating costs. Folks were ready for a “greener” alternative, and we quickly expanded from our Canadian and US markets to over 40 countries.

We produce implements to create beautifully groomed trails for virtually any snow sport, for everyone from World cup and Olympic athletes to backyard adventurers like us.

There’s something very special about grooming freshly fallen snow and stopping to look back at the beautiful ribbon of compacted snow you’ve just created. The best part, knowing that in a few hours your family and friends will be outside, enjoying Mother Nature at her finest.

You have the ability to make some beautiful trails,

Rick Byer