Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Snow Groomer do I need?

A. We have a page dedicated to that question. Check it out here What snow groomer do I need?

Q. Can a snowmobile really pull your snow groomer?

A. Yes even our large one.

Q. What is a pintle hook hitch?

A. Pintle hitches are commonly used for industrial, military, or agricultural applications, as their rugged construction lends itself to more extreme terrain. Every snow groomer we ship comes with a pin hitch and an adapter for a pintle hitch and 2″ ball hitch. So you do not need to worry about pin hitch or pintle hook.

Q. Can I pull this by hand or with human power.

A. While our snow groomers are light enough to move around with human power, we can’t recommend they be operated that way. You may be able to pull our Path-Master for a ways, but even our largest groomers are designed to be pulled by at least a snowmobile.

Q. Can I get a grant to buy a snow groomer?

A. Yes there are many ways to get grants to help groom your snow.

Q. Can I groom a trail for Classic xc skiing at the same time I groom for skate skiing?

A. Yes, We have a model we call the park ranger special that is exacly made for this.

Q. Do you have them in stock.

A. We pride our selves on having every snow groomer we sell in stock.  Especially since Covid supply chains have been rough so we just order early so our customers can get the snow groomer they need.  Free shipping to USA and Canada.  Almost always ships within 2 business days from being ordered.

Q. What is the price in CAD?

A. It depends on the exchange rate.

Q. Do I need to add weight to my snow groomer.

A. Sometimes yes. Our groomers are designed to be light and float on top of fresh snow, but they are designed with a spot to hold 8″x16″ concrete blocks. The added weight helps in compaction and improves your grooming quality. The blocks are fairly easy to get, you can usually pick them up from your local hardware store.  We do not ship with them because of freight expenses.