Why is it called the “Park Ranger Special”?

Rangers and Superintendents at Federal, Provincial/State Parks, the Forest Service, the Corps of Engineers, the Fish and Wildlife Service, along with local Parks & Recreation Departments and golf courses across North America have all discovered a “greener” approach to trail grooming.

Pulled by 15” wide, long-track snowmobile or a tracked ATV/UTV’s at 12-15 mph, these groomers are simply more efficient (we call them “ultra-low resistance groomers). They do not drag a big chuck of snow along, raking it back and forth. Instead, a toothed cutting knife called the SNO-RAZOR shears off the very top, un-even snow leaving a perfectly flat trail. The weighted compaction sled fills and combs the razored snow into a friendly 15 groove/ft. corduroy pattern.

The Park Ranger Special is a lightweight, easy-to-handle, entry-level groomer that allows you to level and compact a trail for virtually any snow sport. Classic and Freestyle skiing trails, personal snowmobile trails, dog sledding, tubing runs, you name it, this rugged little groomer has turned them all into solid, level trails.

The Park Ranger Special Package includes:

  • SNO-MASTER 48H, with 12” Wing Set & Coupler Set
  • SM48 SNO-RAZOR with Subframe & Snow Deflectors
  • TRAKOR Standard, with 12” Wing Set & 18” Extended Coupler
  • SM REAR HITCH, to attach TRAKOR to SM48

For Tubing/Luge Runs, please specify 12” Berm Wings

PRICE $3799.95 USD

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The SNO-MASTER 72 equipped with a SNO-RAZOR and towing two TRAKOR Standards will set double tracks for side-by-side classic skiing in one pass. The SNO-RAZOR shears off any un-even snow, removes any tracks left by the towing machine and provides granular snow for molding into perfect tracks and corduroy. This groomer requires a 20” wide, long-tracked snowmobile or tracked ATV/UTV to pull it.

Removing one or both TRAKORS allows you to level and compact large areas or trail systems quickly, at speeds of 12-15 mph (20-25 kmh). Skating loops, snowmobile trails, skiing, snowboard and sledding hills are easily leveled and compacted with the SM72.

The SNO-MASTER 72 – DOUBLE TRAKOR Special Package includes:

  • SNO-MASTER 72H, with Subframe and Snow Deflectors, 12” Wing Set & Coupler Set
  • 2 TRAKOR Standards with 12” Wing Sets and Standard Couplers
  • 2 SM REAR HITCH’S to attach TRAKORS to SM72

PRICE $5199.95

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