snow groomers used to lay classci corss coutnry ski tracks


Want to make tracks for classic skiing or biathlon; a loop for freestyle/skating/ski-joring; or even dress the landing area for a Nordic ski jump? We have an economical, ultra low-resistance groomer for all of these Nordic disciplines.

Our original “Backyard Groomer” the TRAKOR® has become the #1 selling track-setter on the planet. The TRAKOR is available in three different models, with the optional DeTRAKOR for removing tracks on steep downhills and sharp turns.

Our SNO-MASTER® 48 and SNO-MASTER® 72 are known as some of the best finish groomers available. Used by World Cup and Olympic athletes, these groomers make beautiful corduroy for freestyle/skating technique in all snow conditions.

classic ski track trail maker
A snow groomer made to lay classic ski trails with side paths of nice corduroy.

Choose from the economical TRAKOR Standard, the rugged TRAKOR Loppet 60 or the competition inspired TRAKOR Best Line 76. This platform allows you to start simple, with multiple options to expand your grooming capabilities in the future.

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snowmobile wide trail groomer
sno master 72 with 12 inch wings snow groomer with razor to cut the ice and snow towed by a snowmobile.

Our popular SNO-MASTER 48 makes up to a 72” (1.8M) pass, while the larger SNO-MASTER 72 makes up to a 96” (2.4M) pass. Tow an optional TRAKOR for setting tracks or add a Wheel Kit for road crossings or the ability to move in and out of a maintenance building.

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classic and skate ski trail
Small snowgroomer that lays a classic ski trail and a skate ski trail side by side. Including cutting out and making soft snow for when the trail gets rough.

Choose from our number one selling Nordic package, the Park Ranger Special a SNO-MASTER 48 equipped with a SNO-RAZOR, towing a TRAKOR Standard. For side-by-side classic skiing, the SNO-MASTER 72 equipped with a SNO-RAZOR towing two TRAKORS.

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Sometimes skiers like to free skate.  Sometime classic tracks are just so nice.  Why not have them all.  We offer a lineup of cross country ski track layers and groomers from 20″ wide to 96″ wide.  You can have classic tracks side by side in one pass or have a skate ski and classic ski path side by side.  Either works.  It just depends on what you are looking for.  What your space will allow and your preferences in cross country skiing.

If you buy our park ranger specials then the classic track maker can be deattached and make a more narrow trail.  This is especially useful for places where the trees are too close together.

With the multiple options you can really get what you need.  This is not a one size fits all approach.  You tell us what you need and we can tell you the options to pull it off.

Our small classic track maker has a detrakor for taking out the classic tracks when things are too steep and you need to skate ski a little.  Take out the classic tracks in places where you do not want them.  No need to make two passes.

If you are worried about too tight of corners then get our longer drawbar that helps alleviate to tight of corners.

If you have snow that is getting beat up then you can use the razor to cut up the trail and relay it.  Get rid of all the pogo holes, people walking or snowshoeing over your tracks.  Even if snowmobilers crush your tracks.    The razor will allow you to recut up teh snow and lay fresh cross country ski tracks.. Ie our groomers can work in new snow and relay the path when needed in used snow.

The razor also cuts down drifts and helps smooth them out when needed.

All of our groomers can have wings added to them so when the snow is deep it will curl up the edges and help keep the snow from falling into your ski trail. The most popular is the 12″ wings set ad allows for side of the trail to not be at a 90 degree angle.