Leveling and compacting trails for virtually any snow sport or winter activity is easy with our versatile SNO-MASTER® groomers. Our popular SNO-MASTER 48 makes up to a 72” (1.8M) pass; while the larger SNO-MASTER 72 makes up to a 96” (2.4M) pass.

These ultra low-resistance “floatation groomers” ride on top of the snow, much like a boat on water. Their lightweight and adjustable compaction angle allows you to compact fresh powder snow without the need of a separate “roller” implement. When weight is needed, locally purchased solid cement blocks fit neatly under the chassis covers.

Available as an economical compaction only groomer or fitted with the optional SNO-RAZOR® for leveling, these high-speed groomers tackle any type of snow, even slush!

Built to last a lifetime from heavy gauge steel with tough durable urethane snow combs, these groomers keep coming back for more, year after year.

snow master 48 wide trail groomer

Our most popular groomer, the SNO-MASTER 48 has been creating beautiful trails for winter enthusiasts since 2003. Commonly pulled by a 15” wide, long-tracked snowmobile or tracked ATV, these high performance groomers operate comfortably in the 12-15 mph (20-25 kmh) range.

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Sno-Master 72 snow groomer

Our largest groomer, the SNO-MASTER 72 is ready to take on your widest trail grooming duties. Commonly pulled by a 20” wide, long-tracked snowmobile or tracked ATV/UTV, these groomers make short work of large trail systems, ski-plane landing strips and more. Leveling and compacting snow trails is 72 does.

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