Knocking The Tops off Bumpy Trails

fix bumpy trails

We have been asked time and time again does your groomer take care of or fix bumpy trails, whoops or moguls.  The answer is most of the time it does this very well. This is certainly one of the reasons the snow groomer products were made. The SNO-RAZOR will cut the tops off the whoops and place it within the divots preparing it to be evenly compacted and groomed.  Adding weight on the groomer will help evenly pack the snow and make it much harder to form whoops in the future.

If the snow melts and then freezes when you have moguls, then the SNO-RAZOR will scratch the top of the moguls but it may not break through it enough to slash through the top.  If there is only a small ice layer then the blade cuts through it. Breaks it up and allows the top of the whoop or mogul to be removed. The snow that is cut is moved to the bottom and packed in the bottom of the mogul. If the ice is inches thick and solid then the razor does not cut through this.

The right time to fix bumpy trails.

Hopefully you can wait for a day when it is warm and the ice is not frozen solid. Even if it is icy you can still get the moguls knocked down.

Even when the snow is old and it has been cold for a long time. The SNO-RAZOR portion of the snow groomer will cut through the moguls.  This softening will allow our compaction to leave great corduroy.

You can even set the depth of the SNO-RAZOR blade and the angle of the blade to cut through different types of snow.

Slushy whoops

In slush or very wet snow the groomer will take care of moguls.  In extreme conditions where moguls are huge it may take more than one pass to solve the issue.

The best way is to not get huge moguls, which means grooming as soon as possible once it has snowed.  This packs the snow and makes the moguls or whoops grow slower. Also if a trail is used frequently or it warms during the day, then grooming it at night before it freezes works best.  If you groom at night the snow will settle and make a better trail that slows down moguls from formng.

Our groomers will not stop whoops from forming but they can take care of them. Snow grooming can help whoops to form slower if the trails are properly groomed ahead of time and regularly.

Snow groomers with plows or razors are meant to be efficient and light-weight.  Therefore they are able to be towed by the machines more and more of us have available.   No requirement for a half track to pull one of them.

We think of groomers as the people who take care of these moguls and whoops.  You could say that they are the people who operate our groomers. In this age of video games there are different names given to different people.  If you do not like the names we call them? You can call them or yourself a mogul killer, whoop smasher, trail layer or anything else you can dream up.  We just give you some tools that allow you to fix bumpy trails, kill moguls and destroy whoops.