The SNO-MASTER 48 is the #1 selling lightweight groomer because of its versatility, cost and ease of use. Commonly used for snowmobile, dog sled, cabin access, ski-in/ski-out, sledding, skiing, tubing plus a variety of other trails. If you have snow that you want to level and compact, the SNO-MASTER 48 will do it more efficiently than any other groomer.

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From powder to slush and every type of snow in between, this rugged little groomer does it all. It’s easier to pull and operates at higher speeds, which means a smaller towing machine and more time to enjoy your winter activities.

If you just want to compact your trails, the basic SNO-MASTER 48 is all you need. A Standard 12” Wing Set is included, or substitute 12” Berm Wings to form tubing lanes. The break-away coupler set includes a flat coupler to set compaction angle, plus 3” & 5” offset couplers to increase compaction angle for fresh snow.

Want to level your trails and leave a perfect corduroy in all snow conditions? The optional SNO-RAZOR with subframe and snow deflectors attaches with just 8 bolts and is included with 9 out of every 10 SM48’s we sell.

Have road crossings or the need to move in and out of a maintenance building, simply bolt on the optional SM48 Wheel Kit.


    360 Degree View

    Click and drag the image for a 360 degree view of the SNO-MASTER 48 with SNO-RAZOR.

    Wide Trail Groomer Specifications

    Grooming Width:
    - without Wings 48" (1219 mm)72" (1829 mm)
    - with 12" Berm Wings56" - 60" (1422 mm - 1524 mm)80" - 84" (2032 mm - 2133 mm)
    - with 12" Standard Wings60" - 72" (1524 mm - 1829 mm)84" - 96" (2133 mm - 2438 mm)
    Length - Overall 68" (1727 mm) 79" (2007 mm)
    Height - Overall16" (406 mm)16" (406 mm)
    SNO-RAZOR Width 48" (1219 mm) 72" (1828 mm)
    SNO-RAZOR Height AdjustmentInfinitely AdjustableInfinitely Adjustable
    SNO-RAZOR Angle Adjustment15 - 30 degrees15 - 30 degrees
    Weight - empty w/12" Wings102 lbs (46.4 kg)168 lbs (76.4 kg)
    Weight with SNO-RAZOR155 lbs (70.4 kg)234 lbs (106.4 kg)
    Block Capacity (2" concrete blocks)99 lbs (45 kg) 6132 lbs (60 kg) 8
    Total Maximum Weight254 lbs (115.4 kg)366 lbs (166.4 kg)
    Chassis/Drawbar MaterialSteelSteel
    SNO-RAZOR MaterialSteelSteel
    HardwareStainless SteelStainless Steel
    Recommended Towing Machines:
    - Snowmobile15" wide, long-track (136"+)20" wide, long-track (154"+)
    - ATV/UTVTrack EquippedTrack Equipped

    Specifications subject to change without notice.

    Wide Trail Groomer Price List

    SNO-MASTER® 4848" Ultra Low-Resistance Groomer with 12" Wing Set and Coupler Set$1799.95
    SNO-RAZOR for SM4848" SNO-RAZOR, Subframe and Snow Deflectors$999.95
    Wheel Kit for SM48Complete Bolt-on Kit with 24" Handle$499.95
    SNO-MASTER® 7272" Ultra Low-Resistance Groomer with Subframe and Snow Deflectors, 12" Wing Set and Coupler Set$2099.95
    SNO-RAZOR for SM7272" SNO-RAZOR$1099.95
    Wheel Kit for SM72Complete Bolt-on Kit with 30" Handle$499.95

    All prices in U.S. Dollars. Prices subject to change without notice. Michigan Residents add 6% Sales Tax.

    Please specify:

    1. Coupler Type

    Standard Snowmobile Pin-Type

    Ring-Type for Pintle Hook

    2. Chassis Type

    1. Hitch Chassis, drilled for mounting SM Rear Hitch in center or offset right positions.
    2. Wheel Kit Chassis, drilled for mounting SM48 Wheel Kit
    3. Wheel Kit/Towbar Chassis, drilled for Wheel Kit and Towbars