Nordic / Cross Country
        Freestyle / Skating

Cross country grooming equipment has never been this efficient, easy-to-handle or economical.

Both the SNO-MASTER 48 and SNO-MASTER 72 were specifically designed for the economical grooming of Nordic freestyle or skating and ski-joring trails. Equipped with 12” flexible urethane wings that blend the overlap on successive passes, the SNO-MASTER 48 with wings compacts and corduroys a 72” (1.8M) trail, while the SNO-MASTER 72 with wings covers 96” (2.4m) per pass. Normally pulled by a long/wide track snowmobile, with their ability to “prepack” deep snows, ATV’s with high floatation tires or track kits are also used to pull these ultra-low resistance easy-to-pull groomers.

SNO-MASTERS are the only groomers with TFC (Total Floatation Control) that enables compaction of deep/fresh snow, duties normally performed by a separate “roller” implement.

The optional SNO-RAZOR levels and even crowns your skating trail at 2 to 3 times normal grooming speeds. Easy to install and operate, the SNO-RAZOR’S “mini-blizzard” action transforms rough trails into a perfectly groomed skating surface.

Cross country grooming equipment has never been this efficient, easy-to-use or economical.