Having a cabin is probably one of the best things in the world in my opinion!  Having a Cabin Snow Groomer just lets you have more time at your cabin and getting in and out easier.

Problem is that cabins also are great in the winter….if you can access them. Some places in the world, cabins get lots and lots of snow which makes reaching them in the winter more difficult. Using a snowmobile or a tracked UTV or tracked ATV are great ways to drive into your cabin in the winter.

If you have spent lots of time riding a snowmobile or tracked vehicle on the same snow-covered trail you realize really fast that whoops and ruts start to form in the snow.

How do you eliminate snow whoops and ruts on your cabin road in the winter? 

cabin snowmobile trailsTow behind snow groomer for cabin access

Snow grooming equipment that you can tow behind your snowmobile or tracked ATV/Tracked UTV is exactly what you need. You want a snow groomer that is easy to operate and not complex. This means you have reliability and ease of use for years to come.

Reasons you need a snow groomer for your cabin

  • Removes snow or acceleration bumps
  • Flat smooth Trails
  • Compacted Trails
  • Safer Trails
  • Snow lasts longer
  • Your back will thank you — Maybe your wife will thank you.
  • Perfect corduroy (Make your neighbors jealous)
  • Kids or grandkids often love a groomed sledding hill.

Typically a 48″ wide snow groomer works best behind a snowmobile and a 72″ wide behind a tracked UTV.



An ultra-compact snow groomer allows you to tow and compact your snow allowing your trails to be better maintained throughout the winter. Compact helps give you a solid surface to work from every time you get new snow. You then smash down the snow and compacting it for a nice smooth trail without ruts or bumps.

What if you don’t have new snow?

With Snow Groomer’s equipment, you can get an optional SNO-RAZOR blade that drops down into the snow cutting the top off the first few inches of old crusty snow. This blade cuts down the snow whoops and also the ruts.

This gives you new snow to pack down with your chassis.

Cabin sledding hill snow groomed

Ski and Sledding runs around the Cabin — Make them with your snow groomer.

Not only does having a cabin snow groomer help keep your trails compact and smooth you can also use the same snow groomer to create sledding hills and ski hills for the kids. That way when you go to the cabin you not only have great trails to snowmobile on you then can make great snow trails for skiing or sledding.

If it takes too long to get to the cabin then you might use it less.  A groomed trail makes it quicker to get there.  If your trail is full of snowmobile whoops then your wife or significant other might hate going to the cabin.

Again having snow groomed trails allow for a safer and more enjoyable time snowmobiling on those trails to the cabin.