If you are blessed to live in an area that gets lots of snow you know what it’s like to have trail to access the lake for ice fishing or dig your way to a building you need access to. In deep snow, this can be a challenge.

Having the right tool or machine to clear the snow is crucial (Trust me your back will thank you). 

NO MORE SHOVELING Our compact snow groomers are just what you need to clear, pack, and groom your trail to the lake or building you need access to in the winter months. 

We have two perfect snow groomers that you can tow behind your snowmobile or UTV/ATV with tracks. Our SNO-BLASTER snow groomer is for deep snow trail clearing as it comes with a snowplow that will remove the snow. Our PATH-MASTER snow groomer comes with an SNO-RAZOR that will trim and cut your trail.

How wide is your path or road?

We have narrow and wide snow groomers that you can choose from. The narrow trail groomer will groom trails from 20″ – 44″ wide. If you have a road or a bigger path you would like to groom our wide trail snow groomer will groom trails from 48″-92″ wide


BOTH snow groomer options come with a compaction feature and snow combing. 

Clear and compact the snow on your trail to the Lake

Being able to cut or clear your trails in the winter months allows you to get rid of washboard bumps and torn up trails. This greatly improves the speed and comfort when riding your snow machine down the trails. You can even use our compact snow groomers on the frozen lake to clear a path.

You have the ability to groom snow in all types of snow conditions because of the SNO-RAZOR and SNOWPLOW attachments. These implements will cut, level, and trim your trail no matter the snow conditions.


  • Adjustable SNO-RAZOR
  • High-speed groomer
  • Compact and easy to use
  • 20″-44″ wide snow grooming surface
  • Works well with hard crusty snow
  • Can be purchased with or without SNO-RAZOR attachment
  • Towed behind Snowmobile
  • Towed behind UTV/ATV with tracks

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  • Adjustable Snow Plow Blade to remove deep snow
  • Works well in really deep snow
  • 20″-44″ wide snow grooming surface
  • Can be pulled at high speeds
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Towed behind Snowmobile (15″ wide, long -track (136″+))
  • Towed behind UTV/ATV with tracks

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