Why the TrailBlazer snow groomer


  1. Homemade snow groomers dream.
  2. Made not to rust.
  3. Keeping your costs down
  4. Saves you time
  5. Tested
  6. Best use after a fresh snow.
Ultra Lite Snow Groomer

The Trailblazer snow groomer was meant to help the home made snow groomers be able to afford a snow groomer.  Make it in less time that it takes to build a home made snow groomer.  Have a snow groomer that has been tested and not have to redo things many times.  This is also a groomer meant for those who do not want to build their own but may not need a snow groomer that tries to solve every issue.


Made to not rust.

The Trailblazer is made from material that is not supposed to be affected by cold.  It is built to not rust. Home made snow groomers often rust because ice scratches paint of the metal even if the right kind of paint is used.  The Trailblazer tow bars are made from tubing that is not supposed to rust even without paint.  There is no welding on the chassis or tow bars.  Welding is a key place where things rust because there can be pockets that keep moisture. The do not rust snow groomer was made so you can leave it out all summer and it will still be ready to use next fall or winter.


Keep the cost down.

To compete with home made you need your Snow groomers to be inexpensive.  The #1 way we can do this is build them in volume.  We also can piggy back on the infrastructure of our main line of snow groomers.  We cut out some features from our main line snow groomers to keep the cost down.  But most home made snow groomers did not have these features anyway.  


Testing takes time and money.

We have tested our trailblazer versions with different towing machines. Pulling them way too fast, putting more weight in them than is reasonable.  Literally put 300 lbs and ran it for hours to make sure it held up.  This is not recommended because it is just hard to get that much weight on your snow groomer.  We definitely made changes after our testing.  This was built by a team of guys who have built and used snow groomers for a while.  So we thought we would be close and it was.  Close not good enough we had to go back and make changes to make it better a couple of times.


A funny note is that I personally did not believe in one part of the snow groomer and that it would hold up.   I kind of went to prove then that it would not work.  I was so wrong.  It held up perfectly and way past any reasonable view of how it should work.


Use at the right times.

The Trailblazer may not solve every snow grooming issue.  But if used right after a 

Beginning snow groomer or use on the back 40

Pull with almost anything.  Including a tiny sno scoot snowmobile.

It is not going to cut down whoops left by snowmobiles for that you need one of our other snowgroomers that have a razor to cut the snow.

It can scrape the top of the snow and cover back up ski marks or other marks left on your trails.

The XC model will recut your classic tracks just by regrooming your trail.

After a fresh snow making a sledding hill or tubing run can be awesome. The Trailblazer can do a superb job of this in these conditions..


There are 3 models of the TrailBlazer Snow groomer

A. Trailblazer – 20” wide

B. TrailBlazer XC – 20” wide

C. TrailBlazer XC 36  – 36” wide


The difference is that XC versions have things that make classic XC ski tracks for classic skiing.

The non XC version has a digger bar to help take the air out of the snow or scrape the snow when remaking a groomed trail to leave it smoother.


These are made light

One reason they are light is because it keeps shipping costs down.  The other reason is so you can add just the right amount of weight you need to do the job. You will need to add weight.    8”X18” cement blocks, that you can get at your local hardware store, is what we recommend for weight.


Precision snow groomer

The Trailblazer snow groomer is cut out on our CNC machine. This allows us to meet exacting specs and have it be the same every time.  Plus it lets us plan our cuts to have the least amount of waste.  Hard to program a chole CNC plan for your personal home made snowgroomer.  Maybe you are better than us but even at our best things can take aa few tries to get the precision down.  It is just not precision but also speed of cuts for efficiency but not to fast to get things hot.


What difference from the other snowgroomers we sell..

#1. Price. They are just way less expensive.  Part of that is we can ship htem for less.

#2. No break away pin you have to be careful but you should know what goes on in your own yard.  We do have not have safety feature built in because we hope that most of you know your trails and do not have boulders or down trees that you hit.

#3. Deep powder may go over the top because there is no deflector plate.  This system was not designed to handle super deep powder in one pass.  You might have to make multiple passes to leave a nice groomed trail.

#4. No razor – When you need to cut whoops or recut your fatbike trail or fill in post holes left by horses or people walking on your trails.  Then you need a groomer that can have a razor attached to cut or rect the snow to solve these issues.

#5. You need to make the trails right after it snows or when it gets warm then let it freeze overnight for the best use of these groomers.  This can be true of  our groomers but the trailblazers even need the settling and hardening time a little more.

#6. Need to add wings if you have deep snow so snow does not fall back in.  By default to keep costs down the trailblazer does not come with wings.  The standard wings for all our groomers can be attached to the sides of the trailblazer for more width and for not letting snow fall back into your trails.


We are hoping that instead of making a home made groomer that you consider a trailblazer snow groomer. Hoping our years of knowledge and making snow groomers will make your trail making experience better. It will take you less time to order it than to build it.  It will work under the right circumstances.  In fact we think it works great under the right circumstances.  Save yourself a lot of time making a snow groomer and use that same time to actually groom your snow.  This groomer does not even have any put together time.  It comes full assembled.