Snow Grooming a Sledding or Tubing Hill

To this day sledding is one of my favorite things to do in the winter. Now that I have kids we work hard to create the best sledding hill in the valley. We groom miles and miles of sledding, skiing, and snowboarding trails and hills.   But mostly grooming the sledding hill as it just gets the most use.

The problem no matter where you live at, is snow gets worn out. 

Lots of snow hills get lots and lots of traffic. Also, what happens when your sledding or tubing hill gets LOTS of snow.

How your snow on your sledding/tubing hill gets trashed

  • Hiking up and down
  • Snowmobiles
  • Tracked Vehicles
  • lots of sledding
  • kids dragging their feet

Cabin sledding hill snow groomed

So, how do you maintain your snow trails and keep your kids safe?

Having holes, ruts, and bumps on your sledding hill makes it unsafe and frankly not nearly as fun.

Having a tubing hill or sledding hill that is nice and smooth makes for a much better experience, and your kids back will thank you. Having a snow groomer changed how we experienced tubing and sledding. It smoothes your foot holes, snow whoops, and ruts that come from walking and using machines on your snow sled hill.

You also want to make sure you have a way to take the old snow and refresh it just like you do at a ski resort.

The other thing a snow groomer does is it will compact your sledding hill. Whenever you get fresh snow on your hill, you will want to take all the air out of the snow and get it compacted up and smooth.

snow grooming trail

Years ago when we invested in a compact snow groomer for our sledding and tubing hill, it really changed our experience. Our trails were nice and compact with a smooth and fun experience. All of us really enjoyed sledding on our trails so much that we are now grooming all the trails in the valley for the community.

Having an ultra-compact snow groomer allows you to use your snowmobile or tracked ATV/UTV.

Check out some options for buying a wide trail snow groomer for your sledding and tubing hills!