Dear Snow Groomers. 

Christmas came early as I just received my hats, T-shirt and Snow Groomers decals. Just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your products over the last 10 years. I have two Snow Groomers 48s that have brought me immeasurable pleasure. About 15 years ago I took up cross country skiing so I started toying around with dragging a large ice fishing sled behind my snowmobile and ATV to create skiing trails. I tried different things to try to improve the sled by adding two by fours, weights and rakes to try to get a nicer trail. However engineering is not my strong suit so we had several malfunctions. After five years of trial and error I bought my first snow groomer and it’s been heaven on earth every winter as long as we have decent snow. My neighbors question that perhaps I have a snow grooming disorder? however I correct them and let them know that it’s a passion 🙂

Micky in Minnesota

Mick Sletten