Snow Groomer Sno-Master 48 with Trakor . Has the blade for cutting leveling the snow and the wheel kid for easy moving and road crossings.


We developed the SNO-MASTER 48 in response to our TRAKOR customer’s requests. They wanted an easy-to-pull groomer to make freestyle/skating loops that worked as well as their TRAKOR did at setting classic tracks. The SNO-MASTER 48 (formerly the PRO-SKATE 4) has since become the #1 selling lightweight groomer because of its versatility, cost and most importantly, the beautiful trail it leaves.

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From powder to slush and every type of snow in between, this rugged little groomer does it all. It’s easier to pull and operates at higher speeds, which means a smaller towing machine and more time skating.

Virtually all Nordic SM48’s we sell are fitted with the optional SNO-RAZOR to provide a perfect, seamless corduroy for freestyle technique. Protected by shear bolts, the SNO-RAZOR swings rearward if it encounters a stump or rock.

A 12” Wing Set is included, the wings extend the grooming width, “feather” the overlap of a previous/adjacent pass and radius the groomed snow into the ungroomed banks. These wings are made from an extremely durable urethane, they bend up when encountering a tree or post and snap back down for more.

The breakaway coupler set includes a flat coupler to set normal compaction angle, plus 3” & 5” offset couplers to increase the compaction angle in fresh snow (no roller needed!). The replaceable stainless steel tracking runners keep the SM48 running straight, even with a TRAKOR offset to one side.

If you have road crossings or the need to move in and out of a maintenance building, you may be interested in the optional SM48 Wheel Kit.

Towing a TRAKOR behind a Wheel Kit equipped SNO-MASTER 48 requires an optional Towbar. The standard, full-width model has three towing positions; the single sided Towbar can be mounted on either side


    360 Degree View

    Click and drag the image for a 360 degree view of the SNO-MASTER 48 with SNO-RAZOR.

    NORDIC Groomer Specifications

    Grooming Width:
    - without Wings 48" (1219 mm)72" (1829 mm)
    - with 12" Berm Wings56" - 60" (1422 mm - 1524 mm)80" - 84" (2032 mm - 2133 mm)
    - with 12" Standard Wings60" - 72" (1524 mm - 1829 mm)84" - 96" (2133 mm - 2438 mm)
    Length - Overall 68" (1727 mm) 79" (2007 mm)
    Height - Overall16" (406 mm)16" (406 mm)
    SNO-RAZOR Width 48" (1219 mm) 72" (1828 mm)
    SNO-RAZOR Height AdjustmentInfinitely AdjustableInfinitely Adjustable
    SNO-RAZOR Angle Adjustment15 - 30 degrees15 - 30 degrees
    Weight - empty w/12" Wings102 lbs (46.4 kg)168 lbs (76.4 kg)
    Weight with SNO-RAZOR155 lbs (70.4 kg)234 lbs (106.4 kg)
    Block Capacity (2" concrete blocks)99 lbs (45 kg) 6132 lbs (60 kg) 8
    Total Maximum Weight254 lbs (115.4 kg)366 lbs (166.4 kg)
    Chassis/Drawbar MaterialSteelSteel
    SNO-RAZOR MaterialSteelSteel
    HardwareStainless SteelStainless Steel
    Recommended Towing Machines:
    - Snowmobile15" wide, long-track (136"+)20" wide, long-track (154"+)
    - ATV/UTVTrack EquippedTrack Equipped

    Specifications subject to change without notice.

    NORDIC Groomer Price List

    SNO-MASTER® 4848" Ultra Low-Resistance Groomer with 12" Wing Set and Coupler Set$1799.95
    SNO-RAZOR for SM4848" SNO-RAZOR, Subframe and Snow Deflectors$999.95
    Wheel Kit for SM48Complete Bolt-on Kit with 24" Handle$499.95
    Towbar for SM48Full Width, with 3 towing positions$249.95
    Single Side TowbarMounts on either side$149.95
    SNO-MASTER® 7272" Ultra Low-Resistance Groomer with Subframe and Snow Deflectors, 12" Wing Set and Coupler Set$2099.95
    SNO-RAZOR for SM7272" SNO-RAZOR$1099.95
    Wheel Kit for SM72Complete Bolt-on Kit with 30" Handle$499.95
    Towbar for SM72Full Width, two towing positions, 44" centers$299.95
    Single Side TowbarMounts on either side$149.95

    All prices in U.S. Dollars. Prices subject to change without notice. Michigan Residents add 6% Sales Tax.

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    Standard Snowmobile Pin-Type

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