inexpensive snow groomer

cheap ski track snow groomer

Hard to build your home made snow groomer for less money than the trailblazer.

The Trailblazer is tested and may not have all the features of our professional ones but it is designed based on our years of knowledge building and designing snow groomers.

Most people who make their own home made snow groomer do it because of cost. The trailblazer was designed and planned to be inexpensive while still doing a nice job on small trails.  We also built a lot of them so volume helps us keep the cost down.

Experience has helps us make good snow groomers.

Here is what happened when we did these as DIY snow groomers while we were young. The trail made was hardly ever level. None of our home made groomers we used 20 years ago left corduroy. The home made groomers would push the snow we wanted off the trail. We make professional grade snow groomers but the material cost is more than what it costs us to make and sell a Trailblazer.  We focused on keeping the cost down while still using all the knowledge we have learned over the years.

Can a home made snow groomer have major issues?

They did for us when we were kids. Some are listed below

#1. It can be expensive to pull them .  You may require a larger snowmobile to actually pull them.  If this is the case then larger machines just use more gas.

#2. There are very few home made levelers that have any cutting mechanism.  They just drag the tops of moguls and very seldom do any packing.

#3. It is hard to actually have tow bars that do not twist a groomer one way or another .If it is chain or rope it can catch up to the towing machine when grooming down hills.

#4. Leaving corduroy (if you have the Trailblazer) behind your home made snow groomer is often not even thought about.  Just pack the snow and go is the major plan of a home made snow groomer.

How much time does it take to design and test your home made snow groomer

#1.To keep the cost down it took us  more than a few tries to get things right.  We think it would be hard for someone to do it on the first time.

#2. Cutting parts to exact sizes without having specialized equipment would be very hard.  We use our CNC machines to cut to exact tolerances.

#3. To save costs we wanted to not have to paint very much.  So the material comes in a color ready to use.  Most home grown snow groomers need to be painted.

#4. For a long time those who made their own home made snow groomer bought some parts from us.  Especially when it was a classic cross country ski trail groomer.


Inexpensive versus home made snow groomer.

Is your home made snow groomer more expensive than a designed snow groomer?  We may not know how many years they last because we just built and tested them the last 2 years.  But we think we made them to last and not rust etc.  If your snow groomer cannot last and you have to build new ones over the years well then buying a trailblazer is a major way to save money.

Home made versus designed snow groomer.

We really thought about those who need a snow groomer for the back 40 or who only need it over the Christmas holiday. Or whose pocket books were small.  We wanted  them to have a chance to enjoy a superbly groomed trail.  So we built a snow groomer for this very case.


Testing is hard to do with home made.

We tested this new best value snow groomer in a bunch of different situations.  Trying to press the limit just like we have done for our professional snow groomers.  It passed way better than I personally thought it would.  I thought some of the test would break it.  I personally told some of the team that on our way to test it.