Fat Biking is becoming a really fun and popular way to get out and enjoy winter. It’s important to have the right tools to clear and groom your snow biking trails in the winter. Riding your Fat wheel bike in deep or worn out snow flat out doesn’t work. You need a nice compact groomed trail to enjoy your time on the trail.. Get your Fat biking Trail groomer that we call a Sno-Blaster.  Lots of fat biking trails are made by someone breaking trail.  This is hard work.  If you can get the trail groomed then your rides can be more enjoyable and safer.

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  • Adjustable Snow Plow Blade to remove deep snow
  • 20″-44″ wide snow grooming surface
  • Can be pulled at high speeds
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Towed behind Snowmobile (15″ wide, long -track (136″+))
  • Towed behind UTV/ATV with tracks

Find Your Perfect Groomer!

Our Sno-Blaster snow groomer is exactly what you need for clearing the snow off your fat bike trail and compacting the snow.

The Plow feature on the Sno-Blaster adjusts up and down for different blade depth (5″ of adjustment). This allows you to plow just enough snow off the top but still gives you enough snow to level, compact, and groom. The Sno-Blaster plow will remove old worn-out rutted snow, leaving you with a nice smooth surface to ride your fat bike on.  Sometimes you do not want to remove any snow.  You can raise the plow portion above the snow and just let the snow be packed and groomed.

  The SNO-BLASTER Chassis is 20″ wide. With the optional 12″ wing set you can increase the footprint to 44″ wide.

** NOTE if you pull the SNO-BLASTER behind a UTV/ATV with tracks it might not fill in the tracks left by the machine if there isn’t deep enough snow. For best results pull the SNO-BLASTER behind a snowmobile.


Fat biking is a great way to continue to ride your bike in the winter, however, one of the issues in the winter is snow. If you live somewhere that gets lots of snow that is even a bigger issue. It’s hard to ride a Fat Bike in deep snow or even snow that hasn’t been compacted. The other issue is you start to get ruts in the snow on your Fat Bike trail. Your Fat biking Trail groomer packs the snow so it stays in better shape.

How do you clear snow off your Fat Bike Trail?

Whenever you get fresh new snow on your trail you need to make sure you take your SNO-BLASTER with the snowplow and clear the trail. The SNO-BLASTER’s blade will cut in a new trail regardless if its fresh snow or old snow. This gives you a nice flat even surface to compact and then use the combs to lay down the corduroy. The Sno-blaster was built to plow deep snow off your Snow biking trail.

Unlike a typical “snow drag” that just rips off the top layer of snow, the plow blade on the SNO-BLASTER 33 is adjustable which will trim, compact, and groom. This means you can decide how deep you want the blade to cut.

Once you cut the trail with the snowplow the snow will pass under to the compaction piece of the SNO-BLASTER 33. You have the option to add more weight via concrete blocks. While compacting it you also will comb the snow into corduroy.

How do you solve ruts on your FAT BIKE TRAIL?

You need a way to cut the trail down to smooth it out again. The snowplow blade on the SNO-BLASTER 33 will do just that. No more unwanted ruts or bumps.