SM72H w/SNO-RAZOR & 2 TRAKOR Standards w/12” Wing Sets

Groom, cut, level, corduroy your skiing path in one pass.

wide trail snow groomers

Wide Trail Snow Groomers SM72 w/SNO-RAZOR, no wings

Notice the previous tracks do not effect the snow grooming because the RAZOR softened, leveled and made the snow easy to groom.

SM72WKTB w/SNO-RAZOR & Wheel Kit, Towbar & 2 TRAKOR Standards w/12” Wing Sets

72" wide groomed trail with wings to make it wider, laying ski tracks and still pulled by a snowmobile for efficient and fun trail making.

SM72WKTB w/SNO-RAZOR & Wheel Kit, Single Sided Towbar, TRAKOR Standard w/12” Wing Set

Ultimate setup for your own personal ski trail making. Cut the drifts, cover the ruts, keep the deep snow from falling onto your tracks and groomed trail.