Having the correct snow grooming equipment for your dog sledding trails is crucial for your training and experience on the snow.

Why do you ask?

Lets talk about what is required to have quality trails for you and your dog team.

Now, it doesn’t matter if your trails are super wide trails or small single-track trails you need to make sure you compact the snow in order to keep your dogs from sinking into the snow too deep.

  1. Make sure you trails are compact
  2. Smooth trails make for quick trails

If you are creating dog sledding trails for training or just for fun you need to make sure that your trails are level, smooth and compact. Towing a compact snow groomer is the way to go as they are super compact for your smaller trails along with the ability to tow behind smaller machines.

Perfect for Training 

This allows for the your dogs to run or walk on snow that is compact and smooth, perfect for training and exercising your team.

Choosing a snow groomer that is also affordable as we understand that running a dog sledding kennel.

Our recommendation for snow grooming for your dog sledding program is to snow groomer as much as possible. Everytime you get a fresh new snow make sure you head out and knock the air out of the snow to keep your trails compact

This also also for your snow to last longer on the trails in areas that struggle with proper snow depth.

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Here at snow groomers we have a couple of sizes of snow groomer depending on how wide you would like your trails to me:

  1. 20″ wide 508 mm – CLICK HERE for PATH-MASTER
  2. 48″ wide 1219 mm – CLICK HERE for SNO-MASTER 48
  3. 72″ wide 1829 mm – CLICK HERE for SNO-MASTER 72

These snow groomers have great compaction pans that work in any snow conditions. We also have a snow groomer with a V-Plow that will remove the snow off your trails for the deeper snow areas.

Also, you have a snow groomer that allows you to also create great cross country skiing trails, down hill skiing, and sledding hill.

Our snow groomers can be towed behind a snowmobile, tracked ATV, or tracked UTV.