TrailBlazer 20


TrailBlazer 20’s newest addition Ultra Light Weight Snow Groomer to our narrow trail grooming drags is extremely light weight and can be towed by nearly any snowmobile.  Made from durable 1/2″ HDPE and 1/4″ ABS and has been tested to hold up to 200 lbs. of concrete pavers or blocks. Designed for quick and easy setup to set a compacted corduroy snow trail system.  Lots of folks want to build their own snow groomers. Often they want to save money.  This takes time and trial and error.  The TrailBlazer is meant so you can afford it and take a lot less time than building your own.  It is built to not rust or rot so it will last many years.

Recommended additional purchase – 4 to 6 (16″ x 16″ x 1″) concrete pavers or add 30-40 lbs of weight to the chassis for proper compaction and corduroy.

Note: Not recommended for

– professional or extensive snow trail grooming

– snow trail grooming over rough terrain with hidden hazards, such as large rocks, tree roots, or tree stumps.

trailblazer snow groomer
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TrailBlazer 20


Overall Length – 60″

Chassis Width – 21″

Chassis Length – 26″

Drawbar Width – 24″


Drag Chassis

Drawbars and Chassis Support

Swivel Hitch w/ Detent Pin

Ring Adapter

Corduroy Comb (Installed)

Zinc Cutter Set (Installed)

Meant to get those who are thinking of building their own snow groomer an option to have one quickly and inexpensively.  Many users are not sure if they want or need a snow groomer.  The Trailblazer is meant for them.  Does not break the bank.  Does the simple job.