TRAKOR® Tracksetters

Tired of breaking trail, skiing on snow crudely packed by a snowmobile or trying to keep both your skis headed in the same direction? You, along with your family and friends can enjoy the ease of skiing in perfectly spaced tracks, the rhythm you achieve striding across the flats or picking up some speed on the downhills.

Easy to use and commonly pulled by a 15” wide, long track snowmobile or tracked ATV/UTV; TRAKORS are also pulled by wheeled ATV’s and 4 wheel-drive tractors in moderate conditions.

These rugged little sleds are built to last a lifetime from jig-welded heavy gauge steel, then sandblasted, primed and powder coated. The steel drawbars feature a breakaway coupler that protects both the operator and groomer from hidden obstacles.

Locally purchased, solid cement blocks weight the sled, while stainless steel pre-cutters make way for the cast urethane track molds. The bottom of every TRAKOR is covered with HDPE plastic, the same material on the bottom of your skis.

Ultra Low-resistance TRAKOR
Sled Bottom

  1. HDPE Sled Skin
  2. Stainless Steel Pre-cutters
  3. Cast Urethane Track Molds
  4. Full Length Tracking Runners
  5. 12” Wing Set

The economical TRAKOR Standard is primarily a fresh snow/soft snow groomer; its also towed behind SNO-RAZOR equipped SNO-MASTERS to form perfect tracks in all snow conditions.

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The TRAKOR Loppet 60 uses the same ultra low-resistance sled, but has a heavy-duty 60” long drawbar that sets straighter tracks and also accepts the optional 36” SNO-RAZOR. (shown with optional DeTRAKOR)

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The TRAKOR Best-Line 76 is primarily used at competitive events; but also by those that demand the straightest tracks and the smoothest corners. The 76” long, heavy-duty drawbar accepts the 36” SNO-RAZOR. (shown with optional DeTRAKOR)

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