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This package includes the TRAKOR LOPPET 60, 12″ wing set, and 36″ SNO-RAZOR

Serious about classic skiing? The TRAKOR Loppet 60 may just be the ultimate groomer for setting classic tracks. The Loppet 60 fitted with an optional 12” Wing Set is suitable for fresh snow/soft snow conditions.

This item: TRAKOR®

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1 × Best-Line 76 Drawbar

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1 × 12" Wing Set

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1 × 6" Ring Coupler

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1 × 36" SNO-RAZOR®

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Adding the optional 36” SNO-RAZOR allows you to level your trails, shearing off any drifts or washboards, removing the tracks left by the towing machine and providing granular snow for resetting tracks in all conditions.

This high-speed groomer is commonly pulled by a 15” wide, long track snowmobile or tracked ATV. It covers large trail systems quickly; leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful ribbon of tracks you’ve created.

If your trails include steep downhills or sharp turns, consider adding the optional DeTRAKOR to remove the tracks and leave a corduroy pattern for snowplowing or stem Christie technique.

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Weight50 lbs
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