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This price includes the SNO-MASTER 48, SNO-RAZOR, and wheel Kit

The SNO-MASTER 48 is the #1 selling lightweight groomer because of its versatility, cost, and ease of use. Commonly used for snowmobile, dog sled, cabin access, ski-in/ski-out, sledding, skiing, tubing plus a variety of other trails. If you have snow that you want to level and compact, the SNO-MASTER 48 will do it more efficiently than any other groomer.

This item: SNO-MASTER® 48
1 × SNO-MASTER® 48 (H)

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1 × SNO-MASTER® 48 Drawbar

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1 × 6" Standard Coupler

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From powder to slush and every type of snow in between, this rugged little snow groomer does it all. It’s easier to pull and operates at higher speeds, which means a smaller towing machine and more time to enjoy your winter activities.

If you just want to compact your trails, the basic SNO-MASTER 48 is all you need. A Standard 12” Wing Set is included, or substitute 12” Berm Wings to form tubing lanes. The break-away coupler set includes a flat coupler to set compaction angle, plus 3” & 5” offset couplers to increase compaction angle for fresh snow.

Want to level your trails and leave a perfect corduroy in all snow conditions? The optional SNO-RAZOR with subframe and snow deflectors attaches with just 8 bolts and is included with 9 out of every 10 SM48’s we sell.

Have road crossings or the need to move in and out of a maintenance building, simply bolt on the optional SM48 Wheel Kit.

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Weight73 lbs
Dimensions50 × 15 × 7 in