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For clearing snow off of Fat Biking trails, Dog Sledding Trails, and any trail you need to remove, compact, level, and groom snow.

This item: SNO-BLASTER®
1 × PATH-MASTER® Chassis

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1 × 6" Ring Coupler - 3" Offset

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1 × Loppet 60 Drawbar

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The SNO-BLASTER 33 Fat Bike groomer features a patented 33” (838mm) wide V-Plow that floats on a compacted trail base or can be adjusted up to leave as much snow as desired.

Developed primarily for Fat Bike trail grooming, it also clears snow from lake and outbuilding access trails in a hurry. Snow on slush-covered lakes can be cleared away, allowing the slush to freeze. The plow runner/ski moves the plow up and over hidden obstacles. The plow lift permits 5” of adjustment and allows the plow to be carried out of the snow when establishing a trail.

This Fat Bike trail groomer is extremely fun and easy to use.

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Weight46 lbs
Dimensions29 × 23 × 6 in