Nordic / Cross Country

Snow trail grooming equipment has never been this versatile or economical.

Long before snowplows and snow blowers, man was compacting snow on trails, roads and commonly through the center of towns and villages. Large sleds or rollers powered by a variety of means have been used for centuries. Compacting snow and letting it “set” still provides groomed access to many remote, arctic areas in the world. “Icing-in” a road, is still a common practice at many logging and construction sites in less remote areas during the winter months.

The economical SNO-MASTER 48 without wings will compact a 48” (1.2M) trail in short order. Larger areas can be compacted 8 feet (2.4M) per pass with the SNO-MASTER 72 equipped with 12” wings. A long/wide track snowmobile or an ATV, in moderate conditions, can pull these easy-to-use groomers.

The optional SNO-RAZOR levels drifts and low spots providing beautifully groomed access to areas impractical to plow or snow blow.

SNO-MASTERS are being used efficiently in a variety of applications including: nature trails through preserves and arboretums, walkways at large compounds, worker’s pathways at railroad yards and at winter festivals held on frozen lakes.

The versatile SNO-MASTERS are capable of leveling and compacting all types of trails efficiently and economically.