Nordic / Cross Country

Snowmobile trail grooming equipment has never offered this much performance, efficiency and economy.

Miles of personal or secondary snowmobile trails can be leveled and compacted quickly with either the SNO-MASTER 48 or SNO-MASTER 72 equipped with an optional SNO-RAZOR. Trail widths from 48” (1.2M) to 96” (2.4M) can be groomed at 2-3 times normal grooming speeds.

Performance grooming is achieved by four simple adjustments that allow you to match any snow condition. Low snow, deep snow, large ruts, drifts, washboards, powder or slush, SNO-MASTERS make short work of them all and are easy to pull with a long/wide track snowmobile.

Unlike conventional, overweight groomers that squeeze valuable early season snow off the sides of your trails, SNO-MASTERS with TFC (Total Flotation Control) ride on top of the snow, maximizing compaction regardless of its density.

The optional, manually operated wheel kit makes road crossings a snap.

These versatile snowmobile trail groomers cost less, are easier to pull and cover more ground, making them the most efficient snowmobile trail groomers ever built.