Nordic / Cross Country
  Dog Sledding

Sled dog trail grooming and ski-joring trail grooming equipment has never been this easy-to-pull or economical.

A SNO-MASTER 48, without wings, can quickly compact a 48” (1.2M) wide personal training trail through tight terrain and deep snow. Easily pulled by a 15” long track snowmobile, or ATV’s in more moderate conditions, these tough little groomers are backed by our exclusive 5 year chassis guarantee. The optional SNO-RAZOR allows you to level drifts and ruts quickly and easily.

Preparing wider trails for sled dog races and ski-joring is easily accomplished by adding 12” wings to the SNO-MASTER 48 and making multiple passes.

For larger trail systems, the SNO-MASTER 72 with 12” wings and SNO-RAZOR efficiently compacts and corduroys a 96” (2.44M) wide trail in a single pass. Speeds up to 20 MPH (32KM) mean more time mushing and less time grooming.

These highly maneuverable sled dog trail groomers are easily adjusted for all snow densities and depths.